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Merry marketing

The holiday season gives small businesses an opportunity to connect with customers in a joyous way. The festivities that span these few months are a blank canvas for your creativity and a chance for you to splash vivid hues of joy and celebration onto your marketing strategies. But best of all, you don’t need an enormous budget to spread holiday cheer. Here are several fun and cost-effective holiday marketing ideas sure to ignite the spirit of the season. 

Deck the halls—virtually and physically

In this digital age, your online storefront or business homepage deserves as much attention as your physical location. Add some festive flair to your website and social media platforms using free graphic design tools like Canva to create holiday-themed banners, profile pictures and posts that echo the festivities. A little holly in the corner of an image or holiday lights strung across a banner are small yet impactful ways to spread holiday cheer. 

If you have a brick-and-mortar store or business location, pick up inexpensive items from the local dollar store and decorate your space. Consider working with local artists or community members to help create outdoor decorations or window displays to foster the spirit of community and collaboration.

Create online buzz

The holidays present a wonderful time for your business to create fun and engaging holiday-related content, such as:

  • Blog posts. Share blog posts with tips on how to celebrate the holidays, gift guides for your customers to use and share with their friends and family, or your team’s favorite holiday recipes. These ideas can help provide value to your customers and boost your website.

  • Social media contests. Host fun, holiday-themed challenges or contests on your social media platforms. Highlight your employees talking about their favorite holiday traditions or have an ugly sweater contest.

  • Community stories. Encourage followers to share photos of themselves using your products during the holiday season or spotlight loyal customers and their favorite holiday recipes.

  • Video marketing. Create holiday-themed videos using your smartphone and post them to Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. Give your followers a glimpse into your holiday preparations or tutorials related to your business.

Personalize your holiday offers

To thank your loyal customers and attract new ones, incorporate personalized holiday offers, including:

  • Holiday bundles. Put together themed bundles of your products at a discounted price, making gift buying easier for your customers.

  • Gift wrapping. Offer complimentary gift-wrapping services using recycled or locally sourced wrapping materials.

  • Thank-you cards. Whether via email or through a handwritten card, include a quick and personalized thank-you note to your loyal customers, offering them discounts or early access to holiday sales.

Collaborate with your community

Collaborative events with your local community are a great way to unite people and celebrate the season. You could:

  • Organize a community market. Invite local businesses, artisans and craftspeople to a holiday market so they can showcase their products. It not only creates a festive shopping experience, but it helps promote local businesses and talents.

  • Host networking events. Gather with local businesses to meet, exchange ideas and find opportunities for collaboration. This can help support your local community and foster camaraderie among local businesses.

  • Partner with local charities. Reach out to local charities to organize donation drives or fundraising to encourage a season of giving. Encourage patrons to contribute or donate, and provide a small discount on services in return.

Market—and spread—holiday cheer

As the festive season approaches, remember that holiday marketing doesn’t have to be extravagant. A personal touch and an engaged community create the most memorable connections. 

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