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Strong & Strong, LC

CPAs in Springville, Utah

Whether you need help filing your income taxes, or handling payroll, bookkeeping and general-purpose accounting, give the certified public accountants at Strong & Strong, LC a call!

Profit First

Maximize Profit for Your Business

Profit First Certified ProfessionalAny accountant can do your taxes and reconcile your books. But how many accounting firms will also drive profitability in your business? That's what we do. We are a Profit First certified firm.

What is Profit First?

Profit First is a new way to look at accounting. Rather than thinking of profit as what's left over after paying all of your expenses, secure your profit first! This system can work for all types of businesses. Your business can become permanently profitable today.

How can we help?

The Profit First method of cash management is simple, but it takes discipline to follow through and do it. At Strong & Strong, we will guide you through these methods to greatly increase the profitability of your business.

We start by reviewing your financials compared to other companies in your category so that you can be sure the plan fits your business. Our team is trained and certified by the Profit First Professionals organization (one of the select few accounting firms nationwide that have received this certification).

Of course, we will manage your accounting, do your tax returns and help you with your books - but we can also help guide you, as a business owner or entrepreneur in maximizing your profits.

Contact us today!

Give us a call (801-489-5015) or drop us an email for a profitability assessment and profit strategy guide. This service is completely free and by the end of our discussion you will be well equipped to boost your profits (fast).

Learn more -- Free Download!

Not ready for an assessment just yet? No problem! We'd still like to help you learn more about how Profit First can help your business.

Enter your email address below for a FREE download of the first four chapters of Mike Michalowicz's book: Profit First: A Simple System to Transform Any Business from a Cash-Eating Moster to a Money-Making Machine.

(We hate Spam too and will never sell or share your email address!)

Still not sure?

Please take a moment to watch the following videos to learn more about the Profit First method of accounting, and reach out to us if you have any questions.